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Meet Giovanna

Certified Nutrition Coach & Exercise Expert

My journey in fitness began at age 4 with ballet classes, then gymnastics, High school softball, powder puff football and track. College was track and swimming. It was in my college years that I took my first nutrition class and fell in love with learning about all things wellness. I also studied fashion design, right after High School, you could say I love all things related to the body.

I began working in the field of Fitness in 1999 as personal trainer at a local gym, prior to doing my first Bodybuilding show in 1992 (2010-2015 I competed again). In 2005 I started working as a massage therapist, while still training clients in fitness and nutrition.  In 2013 I received my Bachelors in Health and Wellness and in 2022 I became a Certified Master Nutrition and Wellness coach. Over the years I have helped many individuals have a better understanding of the importance of exercise, nutrition and body self-care. I continue on my journey of sharing my knowledge and expertise to help others reach, maintain, have the self-confidence, and to know they are not in this alone.


The IronGoddess of Vitality Program

Result-Focused Program.

Weekly group sessions, receive expert coaching to help you unlock your problems and get clear on what you want to achieve. This will help you, because it's important that you're not going at this alone.

  • Stop struggling with the "pooch" and start improving your gut health

  • Easily manage stress and reclaim your energy

  • Get sustainable results and stop falling back into old habits

  • Be decisive, get a workout routine that is geared towards your goals

  • Get S.M.A.R.T.  decide what you want to achieve and be specific

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